TEL: +86 20 86435232 ext. 510
Brief Introduction of Eastern Along Pharmaceutical Eastern AlongPharmaceutical(EAP) is an Australian-Fundedhigh-tech enterprise which was established in 2001 in Guangdong,China. It consists of 5subsidiariesand 20 joint stock companies now. EAPfocuses on developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling their high quality AH and Feed Additive productsforruminants, swine, poultry, aquatic and pets. EAPis committed to be a high level of professional animal healthproducts enterprise. Early in 2003, EAP hadbeena GMP certified AH company by Chinese authority, owning16 dosage forms and 14 production lines(such as Injectable Suspension/ Injectable Solution, Uterine Perfusion, Intra-mammary, Powder, Disinfectant,Pour on, Spot on, Ointment,Spray, etc.). Recently, EAPis constructing a new modernized automatic vet drug factory which complies with the EU cGMP regulations. Right now, EAP has been a to...
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